VariZoom VZEFC2 Canon Fujinon Electronic Focus or Iris Control

  • Lens control type

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Designed for use on jibs or other remote applications, this programmable Fujinon and Canon focus control allows the user to adjust focus (or iris) manually or preset up to 5 quick-change positions.


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  • Full Manual Mode for the finest focus adjustments

  • Programmable Mode for presetting up to 5 preset focal points

  • LCD readout for positioning and programming

  • Includes control unit, servo focus bracket, 20′ cable, carrying pouch, Canon gear, Fujinon gear, Iris gear, cable straps, rechargeable battery kit

  • Works up to 50′ (uses common 3.5mm stereo mini-jack cables – ‘headphone’ type)

  • Rechargeable Canon BP-915 style battery