Solution for FIBA TV graphics

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After successfully handling more than 2000 international basketball games over the past 10 years, FIBA TV Graphics Suite is now even better.

Considering the modern requirements for FIBA's new competition system, we have improved our reliable and well known FIBA TV graphics solution. In addition to some brand new features, now it is even more flexible and much easier to deploy, install and use.   

Transforming official data from various sources (scoreboard, 

statistics, scoresheet, central database) into official FIBA TV Graphic

Direct Scoreboard Interface

More than 20 scoreboard manufacturers currently supported. Adding new and currently unsupported scoreboards may be easily achieved.


Obtaining data directly from third party basketball statistical software packages including FIBA LiveStats, FIBA Stats Suite, FIBA Digital Scoresheet.

Consistent graphics design & style

Fully compatible with existing FIBA TV Graphics standards. 

CIS for off-tube commentary

Advanced CIS technology is now available for off-tube TV commentators as well.

Expert System

Continuously analyzes and process all incoming data in order to help operators show the most appropriate TV graphics at every moment during the game.

Multiple feeds

Multiple simultaneous independent TV Graphics channels, each providing different language feed, content, style etc.

User friendly

Easy to install, learn and use.


Extends from score bug only to full set of TV Graphics with over 100 different displays. From unattended to multiple operators control.

SDR - Scoreboard Digit Recognition

Alternative solution when direct connection to official scoreboard is impossible due to technical reasons. No need for manually entering game time and action time.

Official data

Rosters, player pictures, game details, group standings, schedule, accumulated stats and all other data are obtained directly from Central FIBA database without any need for manual entry.

CIS Commentator Information System

Specially designed for on-site TV commentators with touch screen navigation and without latency.

TV Spotter

Cloud based module for pre-game data analysis and centralized preparation, control and delivery of advanced TV Graphics content for the entire tournament/league.


Flawless automation, integration and interfacing with every TV production environment using triggers and GPI.

Preview of TV Graphics channel

Shows upcoming TV graphics and thus greatly improves communication with TV directors and TV production crew.


Various support and training levels ranging from phone, e-mail and remote desktop to direct on-site presence.

Odoo • Image and Text

Extremely friendly despite its “official” nature

Need a reliable solution for just a single game, complete tournament or entire basketball League? 

FIBA TV Graphics Suite covers it all, meets all basketball TV Graphics requirements and perfectly fits in every TV production environment.