VariZoom VZROCKEXD Lens Zoom Camera Control

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This upgraded version of our most compact and lightweight control for Sony PXW-X200, PMW-200, -EX1, and -EX3 camcorders allows even finer zoom speed control. The speed dial allows preset maximum zoom speed to complement our sensitive, wide-sweep variable rocker. Ideal for use on tripods, jibs, stabilizers, or shoulder supports.

Lens control type: SONY PXW-X200 / PMW-300/-200/-EX1/-EX3

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The Rock-EXD Lens Zoom Camera Control is an upgraded version of the popular Rock-EX that includes a large diameter speed dial for the absolute finest degree of zoom speed control. The speed dial allows the operator to set and mark the maximum desired speed and the feather the variable zoom rocker for delicate and repeatable zooms. Works with Sony PXW-X200, PMW-300, -200, -EX1, or -EX3 camcorders. With its high-sensitivity rocker, precise, repeatable zooms are easily achieved. The VZ Rock-EX is perfect for tripods, stabilizers, jibs and shoulder supports.

  • Pressure-sensitive zoom rocker provides precise zoom control

  • Speed dial w/ marker ring for presetting max zoom speed

  • Rubber-lined clamp for no-slip attachment to any bar up to 1.25″

  • Low profile record/pause button

  • Video return button plays back the last 5 seconds of recorded material