Blackmagic Fairlight Advanced Consoles
20,124.00 € 20,124.00 € 20124.0 EUR
Used by Hollywood and broadcasters, these large consoles make it easy to mix large projects with a massive number of channels and tracks. Modular design allows customizing 2, 3, 4, or 5 bay consoles! The price range is from 20,124€ to 44,849€ depending on what bundle you are buying.
Blackmagic Fairlight Desktop Audio Editor
4,103.00 € 4,103.00 € 4103.0 EUR
Get incredibly fast audio editing for sound engineers working on tight deadlines! Includes LCD screen, touch sensitive control knobs, built in search dial and full keyboard with multi function keys.
Blackmagic Fairlight Desktop Console
2,872.00 € 2,872.00 € 2872.0 EUR
Portable audio control surface includes 12 premium touch sensitive flying faders, channel LCDs for advanced processing, automation and transport controls plus HDMI for an external graphics display.

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